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post-natal sports nutrition special: Part 3

Welcome to our third instalment of our post-natal sports nutrition special. As you know, Leah fromBody Positive Athletes initiated this collaboration after coming face-to-face with the inappropriate nutrition messages for new mums. Leah wanted to make sure that she was nourishing her body, helping it repair and feeding it the best foods to sustain the high energy levels required for a new mum that was looking at recommencing her athletic lifestyle.

So for this instalment we explored the best snacks that not only taste good, but provide optimal nutrition in order to prevent that dreaded 'sugar trap.' 

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My online (and now 'in-person' friend) Leah Gilbert from Body Positive Athletes contacted me a few months back when her beautiful baby boy, Ravi was born. Basically she was fed-up with the expectations placed on new mums to loose 'that' baby weight and quickly get back to their pre-baby weight (ASAP)! She believes that receiving the comment of “wow you look like you never had a baby!” has essentially become an indicator of success in motherhood. Well, we disagree. 

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