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Fuelling the football finals

So this week is FINALS week! My husband’s team will take on Brisbane Roar at Adelaide Oval on Friday night for the semi-finals of the A-league.

I often get asked what Nigel likes to eat before games and during a  training week. You just have to look at Instagram to know this one, and many people close to us know how much I dislike spaghetti bolognese after 10 years of having this the night before a game! But I did get asked if this had changed being such a big week, so I thought that I would share.

When I was planning our evening meals for the week, I did have FINALS WEEK in the back of my mind. I wanted to make sure that every night we had good quality protein (and a good variety of sources), lots of vegetables for immune support, healthy fats and carbohydrates at every meal. This is pretty standard, although I often ask Nige which nights we need more carbier meals and what nights we can go easy (this depends on his training load).

This week, being a heavy week and nearing the end of the season when fatigue starts to set in, I made sure every meal had a decent amount of carbs.

So this was our weekly menu:

Sunday night

  • Vegetable soup for entree
  • Spiced lamb back-strap with a zucchini, pomegranate and almond couscous salad for main
  • Honey and cinnamon baked pears with ricotta and pistachios for dessert

Monday night

  • Baked eggs in a kidney bean and vegetable mix served with zesty guacamole and corn wraps

Tuesday night

  • Cumin spiced salmon with sweet potato chips and stir-fried greens

Wednesday night 

  • Chicken and vegetable curry with brown rice for main
  • Baked pears for dessert

Thursday night (you guessed it)

  • Spaghetti Bolognese (I’m having leftover curry) for main
  • Ice-cream for dessert (part of the tradition)

There is also lots of weet-bix, fruit, sandwiches, yoghurt and a couple of pasta lunches to fill in the gaps.


What is your favourite pre-game / competition meal?